новина 5     The Sectoral State Archive of  Ukrainian Institute of the National Memory( SSA-UINM) and other archives of Ukraine are expanding their cooperation with the European archives, that retain the documents of the repressive structures of the communist totalitarian regime.

     On February 4, the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between the State Archival Service of Ukraine and the Ústav pro studium totalitních režimů (Institute of Studies of Totalitarian Regimes) Zdenek Hazdra and the Archives of State Security Affairs of the Czech Republic of Svetlana Ptanchikova took place in Prague.

     According to the provisions of the Agreement both institutions:

 - ensure deepening of cooperation between Ukraine and the Czech Republic in the field of research of the consequences of totalitarianism of the twentieth century;

 - facilitate the organization of access to archival information and the implementation of common projects concerning political repression that took place against the Ukrainian and Czech peoples in the twentieth century, and the publication of such documents.