Новина 8

    Almost 5 years ago Ukrainians received an access to the materials of the Soviet repressive authorities that have been secret earlier. The Law of Ukraine “About access to the archives of the repressive authorities of the communist totalitarian regime of 1917-1991” guarantees that every willing person can read, copy and work for free with all of these documents that had been created by 1991. That is why there are already a lot of people in Ukraine who want to find information about their relatives who were repressed.

    What institution contains such documents, where can we find out information about the permission to work with the documents and how to get a pass to the archive and how to get there? How to work with the cases and check information properly without missing something valid out? Eduard Andryushchenko is the candidate of historical sciences . He answered all these questions on the 1st of February in the lecture “Archives of the Soviet special services: how to research the fate of the repressed relative” that was carried out in the National Museum of Ukrainian history (Kyiv, 2 Volodymtrska Street ).

The lecturer presented a lot of other information that can be useful for future visitors of Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. The lecture was dedicated to the materials which you can find in this Institute. The speaker also gave practical advices about the additional sources that should be learned in order to understand human history or historical episode better.