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Expert inspection comission

Expert inspection commission of SSA-UINM is the consultative body set up to consider methodical and practical questions related to the examination the value of the documents, submitting them to the National Archival Fund or removal of documents from it.

The Expert inspection commission (EIC) carries out its work in accordance with Regulations on the Expert inspection commission of the SSA-UINM.

The main tasks of the EIC are:

  • scientific, methodological and organizational support of the examination of value of the documents;
  • consideration, within the scope of its authority, the issues of determining and clarification of the sources of National Fund of Archives (NAF) formation, its composition and terms of storage of the documents;
  • consideration of the issue of attachment the refutationof false information about the person contained in such documents to the archival documents, examination of the value of archival documents removed by the bodies of revenue and fees or law enforcement structures, seized by court decision in accordance with Article 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On the export, import and return of cultural property."

Scientific-methodical council

The Scientific and Methodical Council of the SSA-UINM is the consultative body set up for organization issues, identifying areas of focus and evaluation results of research and methodological work.  Scientific-methodical council prepares proposals and recommendations for submission, approval and publication drafts of the considered documents (provisions, plans, acts, rules, instructions, scientific reports, guidelines and other documents).

The Scientific and Methodical Council carries out its work in accordance with the Regulations on the Scientific and Methodical Council of SSA-UINM approved by the Order of GDA-UINM from 02/24/2020 № 23.

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