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8. In accordance with the tasks assigned to it:

1) conducts work aimed at identifying, recording, returning, acquiring (receiving) or reproducing in copies profile documents located in Ukraine and abroad;...

9. GDA UINP has the right:
1) conclude contracts and other transactions in order to ensure the activities of the State Administrative Agency of the Ukrainian National People's Republic of Ukraine;

2) purchase (receive) profile documents and reference apparatus from legal entities and individuals in Ukraine and abroad;

3) to carry out scientific and methodical, informational support of the archival division and record-keeping service of the National Institute of Internal Affairs and Communications and monitor compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of archival affairs and record-keeping;

4) to participate in meetings of boards, other permanent or temporary consultative, advisory and other auxiliary bodies, meetings of the UINP and Ukrderzharkhiv on specific issues;

5) carry out international cooperation in the field of archival affairs, restoration and preservation of national memory, participate in international projects;

{Clause 9 is supplemented by a new sub-clause 5 in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy No. 2009/2656/5 dated 06.08.2020}