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Lithuanian Partisans and Ukrainian Insurgents: 1944–1954

Exhibition "Lithuanian Partisans and Ukrainian Insurgents: 1944-1954" prepared in partnership with the Lithuanian Special Archives, it tells about the common features of the resistance of Ukrainians and Lithuanians in the twentieth century and the traditions of the rebels who adopted the modern Armed Forces of Ukraine. The current heroic struggle of Ukrainian defenders against a full-scale Russian invasion recalls the middle of the twentieth century, when Ukrainians and Lithuanians actively resisted the communist totalitarian regime. The activities of the UIA and Lithuanian partisans (as the rebels are called in Lithuania) are similar. These were military-political formations modeled on the regular army, which were actively supported by the local population. Each of them sought to restore its own statehood.

A separate stand of the exhibition is devoted to the connection between the participants of the freedom fights in the 40-50s of the last century and the modern Armed Forces of both countries.

The exhibition is prepared in Lithuanian, Ukrainian and English and is presented in two formats - poster and virtual.

The poster format from November 2023 is exhibited on the street in the windows of the facade of the former prison State Security Committee (Vilnius, 40 Gedimina Ave.), and its electronic version is posted on our website.


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