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On Thursday, October 27, 2022, the exhibition "Communism = Rashizm" of the Archives of National Remembrance began to be exhibited in Myrhorod.


Eight banners were placed in the medical building for viewing by citizens, vacationers and staff. During two weeks, they will be able to learn about the tragic fate of Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression – both today and at the beginning of the 20th century.

"At present, the challenges of the times require non-standard solutions. Therefore, when in the conditions of racist shelling, many educational programs stopped their work, we are very grateful to the general director of PrJSC of Medical and Health-Improving Facilities “Myrhorodkurort” for supporting our idea to demonstrate the exhibition not in the halls of official institutions, but in an environment of live communication. In this way, even more citizens of Ukraine will be able to feel their roots and understand – who is our eternal enemy and what we need to do to win" – the director of the Archives of National Remembrance, Ihor Kulyk, on the opening of the exhibition.