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The meeting took place in Kyiv on 11.10.2023 at the Museum of Prominent Figures of Ukrainian Culture.

At the event, the director of the Archive of National Remembrance Ihor Kulyk highlighted the topic «Ukraine in the grip of totalitarianism and the present: historical parallels».
The meeting was organized within the framework of the exhibition project «The Indestructible», dedicated to the coverage of repressions of representatives of the Ukrainian intelligentsia – the families of Kosach and Starytskiy, a wide range of scientists convicted in the process of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine. Olga Gural, who is the director of the Museum of Outstanding Children of Ukrainian Culture, made a welcoming speech to the participants of the Round Table. Speakers of the event were also Andriy Kohut, the director of the Branch Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine, Valentyna Piskun, who is known as a historian, the doctor of Historical Sciences, the head of the Department of Source Studies of Modern History of Ukraine of the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies named after M. S. Hrushevsky of the NAS of Ukraine, Tatyana Sheptytskaya, the deputy Director of the National Historical and Memorial Reserve «Bykovnyansky Graves» and journalist of the «Zmina» publication Elina Sulima. The discussion focused on aspects of the state policy of various russian regimes, which sought to destroy the Ukrainian cultural, scientific, political elite and Ukrainian statehood, on the forms and methods of achieving this goal and the importance of disclosing information about crimes in public society. The importance of opening the archives of special services for the study of crimes of the communist totalitarian regime, ensuring the memorialization of burial places, in-depth study of these historical events and the formation of collective memory about them in Ukrainian society was also emphasized. Special attention is paid to the forms of reporting information about historical events and crimes of the russian military both inside Ukraine and abroad in the context of a full-scale war launched by russia.