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On the 26th of October, 2023, the exhibition "Communism = Rashizm" was presented in Zhytomyr.

Residents of another city will be able to learn about the fate of Ukrainians who were murdered by the communist totalitarian and putin imperial regimes. The fact that the policy of destruction and assimilation of Ukrainians is characteristic of any russian regime and that is why it is important to initiate such exhibition projects a broad public discussion of our occupation past in combination with the present, the director of the SA UINR Ihor Kulyk, the deputy of the Zhytomyr Regional Council Tatyana Parfentieva, the head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Zhytomyr Military Administration Anatolіy Dushko and the director of the State Archive of the Zhytomyr Region Ihor Slobozhan said in their speeches.