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In particular, Ihor Kulyk noted: Nowadays, opening archives and providing access to primary sources is very important, because Russia's war against Ukraine is not so much for territory as for identification, for the consciousness of citizens. Archives can just debunk myths like "Crimea - the original Russian land" and others.

By the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repression, the Sectoral State Archives of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance is opening a Consultation Center to search for information about the repressed, which will help you to establish information about your relatives free of charge.

        In June 2019, the Government transferred from the National Bank of Ukraine to the management of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory part of the building on the street. Pukhivska, 7, in Kyiv. This contains the status of the State Archive of the UINP (abbreviated name - Archive of National Remembrance).

In Kyiv, they told how to find out about the fate of a repressed relative in the archives ...

Presentation of the electronic resource of online access to the funds of the archive "Archium" took place...